March 2008

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Vehicles move to single livery

Following a review of the current vehicle livery, the Police Executive has agreed all marked Police vehicles will sport a single livery.

All vehicles will now carry a blue/yellow half battenberg livery, replacing the full battenberg check design currently in either blue/yellow or blue/orange on marked vehicles.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Gavin Jones, Crime Reduction and Public Safety, Police National Headquarters, says the concept of a single livery has been under consideration for some time.


“The current vehicle livery came into effect in 2000, coinciding with the launch of the Highway Patrol,” he says.

“The move to the blue/yellow half battenberg brings a consistent look to the marked vehicle fleet, with proven high-visibility and cost-savings associated with just one livery.

“The new look also means no overt differentiation between general duties and road policing vehicles, as these functions are now recognised as the responsibility of all staff.”

Gavin says this approach will also provide an improved general deterrence factor for the public.

The half battenberg design has other advantages. It leaves the lower half of the doors for messages, such as 0800 NEWCOPS, the Police website address, or other important information.



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