Arms Code

Arms Code

Date Published: 
March 2017

The Arms Code is a firearms safety manual issued by the New Zealand Police.

It includes information about the safe use of guns / firearms and what is required to be able to use them in New Zealand. The Arms Code was first published in 1975.


Please note:

Since the 2013 Arms Code was published, there has been a change to processes for purchasing or acquiring a firearm as it relates to mail order and internet sales.

If you are purchasing firearms or ammunition in any non-face-to-face transaction you must provide an order form to Police (Police have a standard form for this). Police will verify your firearms licence details, certify the order form, and provide the certified order form direct to the seller.

The above applies to all internet and mail order sales that are non-face-to-face transactions.

For all endorsed firearms, the mail order and internet sale order form is additional to the requirement to obtain a permit to procure issued by the Police. The permit to procure form is directed to the seller by the buyer.

The Code is currently being reviewed and updated in consultation with members of the Firearms Community Advisory Forum and other subject matter experts. A revised version with e-learning modules is expected to be available in late 2018. First time firearms licence applicants will still be able to use the 2013 version of the Arms Code to prepare for the new firearms safety programme.