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Understanding my infringement notice, infringement process, how to pay, traffic infringement history request, lost notice, request safety camera photo, transfer liability ... more


How to, what is required, court hearings, official information request ... more

Driver licence

Compliance, demerit points, driver licence return, traffic infringement history request, suspension, vehicle impoundment ... more


Safety cameras, school zones, speed limits, penalties, transfer liability, facts and myths, payments, Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit (CVIU) ... more


How to, how long do I have, part payments, overseas payments, double payments, refunds, Ministry of Justice payments ... more


What is compliance, where do I send, what is required, multiple offences, transferred to Ministry of Justice, Commercial Vehicle Inspection Report (CVIR) ... more


Online and PDF forms: Accounts enquiries, court hearing request form, lost or missing notice, online contact, traffic infringement history request, pro-forma - authority to act, safety camera photo request, official information request, personal privacy information request ... more

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If you cannot find the information you require contact the Police Infringement Bureau ... more