Women in senior management roles: Career survey results

Women in senior management roles: Career survey results

Date Published: 
September 2013

This survey was run as part of the Assurance review 'Increasing representation of women in senior management roles'. A total of 2125 police employees (constabulary and employees) participated in a Career Survey between 19 July and 3 August 2012.

The purpose of the Career Survey was to canvass police employees on career experiences and opinions on a range of topics including: career goals, access to development and promotion opportunities, experiences with the appointment process, use of mentors, sponsors and networks, career challenges and experiences of current culture within Police. The survey extended the usual scope of review information Assurance Group gains from interviews and focus groups.

The Career Survey was extensive covering a wide range of career experiences. Key survey results related to the key lines of enquiry for the Assurance review were included in the report Increasing representation of women in senior management roles (March 2013).

A summary of all survey results (including those presented in the report) are presented here without analysis to supplement the report information and outline the current state of career experiences within NZ Police. These can be utilised in further work in this area. For example, contributing to work by HR PNHQ, the Training Service Centre, and supplement information from the Workplace Survey results on career experiences.