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Use this report to see how crime victimisation varies across time, place, crime-type and demographic attributes of victims.

Similar to the above report, but only counting each victim once, irrespective of how many times they were victimised during the last 12 months. Use this report to understand patterns in repeat-victimisation.

Use this report to see more detail about where and when crimes occurred across New Zealand.

Use this report to see patterns across time, place, crime-type, and demographic attributes of offenders Police dealt with.

Similar to the above report, but only counting each offender once, irrespective of how many times they were dealt with during the last 12 months. Use this report to understand patterns in repeat-offending.

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About the reports

The above reports provide access to Recorded Crime Victims Statistics (RCVS) and Recorded Crime Offenders Statistics (RCOS) produced by New Zealand Police.

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From 30 November 2016 NZ Police is providing easy access to Police crime data through a number of interactive reports that can be accessed from this page. Data will be updated in these reports on the last working day of every month.

Links to available reports are provided above. Police intends rolling out more reports over time.

These reports are designed to support partners and communities to access Police data to help inform their planning, decision-making and policy development.  The reports may also be of interest to media, researchers and others.

Prior to November 2016, Police crime statistics were provided via the NZ.Stat application on the Statistics NZ website. But as of 30 November 2016, this data has been migrated to policedata.nz, where it will be available from now on. The data sets behind the policedata.nz reports have been designed in consultation with Statistics NZ, who continues to work with Police, as it does with all government agencies who publish official statistics, to provide oversight and advice regarding the statistics they produce.

Police has also consulted with the office of the Privacy Commissioner to ensure privacy issues were properly considered and addressed. The reports below contain anonymised data.  In accessing the data, you should not to attempt to re-identify individuals or speculate on the identity of individuals. Police reminds you of your obligations under the Privacy Act to protect the privacy of individuals.

NZ Police wishes to acknowledge SAS Institute NZ  for providing the technology that delivers these reports.

For any questions about these reports please email.