Monthly statistical indicators

Latest Monthly Statistical Indicators

Please note: These Monthly Statistical Indicators have been superseded. This page was updated for the final time in July 2016.

These indicators were created in 2010, at which time official statistics on crime were only published twice annually. In 2014 Police began publishing crime statistics monthly. Now that two years of monthly data are available, it is possible to use the new crime statistics to compare recent crime volumes with the same period in the previous year. Furthermore, the new crime statistics contain greater detail than these indicators. The Monthly Statistical Indicators have therefore become obsolete. Information about the new crime statistics is available here.

This page presents a range of indicators on salient crimes and Police preventative activities. These are published every fourth Monday of the month or the next working day if the Monday falls on a holiday.

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Preventative activities aimed at reducing crime and victimisation
Pre Charge Warnings
Drunks Taken to Detox/Home
Road Checkpoints
Vehicles Stopped
Foot Patrols
Police Safety Orders
Offences usually discovered / detected by Police
Drugs Supply
Drugs Use
Assaults Police
Offences usually reported to Police
Serious Assaults Resulting In Injury
Public Place Assaults
Dwelling Assaults
Vehicles Stolen
  1. Monthly Statistical Indicators FAQs
  2. Definitions for each of the measures above can be found by clicking here.
  3. Please note the statistics are provisional and drawn from a dynamic operational database. They are subject to change as new information is continually recorded.
  4. In order to report timely provisional statistics every month, the figures reported on this page are counted differently than the official statistics for recorded offences that are published each April and October. These figures should therefore not be compared to official statistics.
  5. Because the underlying database is constantly changing, and because of the work involved to publish statistics in this way, only a limited number of measures are reported on a monthly basis. For more detailed information, it is necessary to wait until official statistics are published each April and October.
  6. Statistics for road fatalities are published by the New Zealand Transport Agency.
  7. * The number of Bail Checks cannot currently be reported due to a recent change in IT system and process. We expect to reinstate this measure in the near future.