Police vetting

Find out how Police vetting works and how organisations can use this service (sometimes called a police check or clearance). Vetting helps organisations protect vulnerable people in their care.

What is Police vetting?

This page explains what Police vetting is (a Police check) and how it protects society’s most vulnerable members.… More

Ask for Police vetting

Find out how to get Police vetting (often known as a Police check) of a potential employee, existing employee or volunteer. An organisation must be registered to request Police vetting.


Police vetting forms

This page contains consent forms for employees, potential employees and volunteers to fill in to allow a registered organisation to ask for Police vetting.


Police Vetting Service contacts

Contact the Police Vetting Service if you have questions about the vetting process (Police checks) or if you want to become an approved organisation.


Police vetting and you

Candidates for vetting such as job applicants and current employees can learn about consent for Police vetting, what information may be released and what an organisation can do with it.


Police vetting - tips and hints

Refer to these tips and hints if you can't find what you need in the rest of the Police Vetting part of the website.


Australian Criminal History Checking Service

Information on the service which will enable New Zealand Approved Agencies to request Australian Criminal History checks through the NZ Police Vetting service.… More