Vetting Request and Consent form for Approved Agencies

Vetting can only be carried out with the signed consent of the person being vetted. Consent is provided by completing the Request and Consent form. Employers are expected to make sure the person being vetted is aware of the vetting process and can direct them to the Police website for more information.

The Approved Agency submitting a vetting request must make sure that the Request to Consent is completed correctly as follows:

Page 1: The Approved Agency will complete the first page of the form:

  • Purpose of the vetting check (e.g. employee, contractor, volunteer)
  • Description of the role (e.g. caregiver, cleaner, taxi driver)
  • Contact with vulnerable groups (e.g. children/youth, vulnerable adults)

Page 2: The Approved Agency or Trusted Referee will complete the second page of the form:

It is the responsibility of the requesting agency to ensure the details provided by the applicant are correct. It is mandatory for an agency to verify the identity of the person being vetted against a number of different documents, including at least one  form of primary ID e.g. Passport, Firearms Licence, Birth Certificate and one form of secondary ID e.g. Drivers Licence, 18 + card, or Student/Employee ID card. At least one form of ID must be photographic.

The Approved Agency's authorised representative will sign and date the consent form to confirm that the Request and Consent form has been completed correctly.

For further details on identity checking, Police recommend agencies view the New Zealand government’s 'Evidence of Identity Standard’, developed by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Page 3 & 4: The Applicant will complete the third and fourth page of the form, inclusive of their signature and date.

Request and Consent form [ODT 191KB]

Request and Consent form [DOC 368KB]

Request and Consent form [DOCX 209KB]

Request and Consent form [PDF 233KB]

Offshore Request and Consent form [DOCX 185KB]