Vetting process for visas

The New Zealand Police Vetting Service has an agreement with the following embassies and consulates that we will complete vetting requests for visa requirements:

Australian Consulate Auckland

New Zealand citizens seeking New Zealand police history for the purpose of travelling to Australia can obtain relevant visa and immigration information and consent forms from FAQs at

Embassy of Switzerland

Please visit the following website for information:

If you require a visa for one of the above countries, you will need to go through the above relevant embassy/consulate as they will process your application on behalf of you.

We will not accept any vetting requests from an individual if it is for one of the above countries.

If you require a visa for all other countries you will need to complete a Section 14 ‘overseas’ form [DOCX 77KB], sign it and send it into the Police Vetting Service ( with the Country you require the visa for listed. Please ensure you provide us with the country the visa is required for. Also note that we cannot send the results to an individual and an address of the relevant consulate/embassy will need to provide on the form.