Firearms and Safety

Firearms and Safety

New Zealand has a high level of firearm ownership and use, with many people enjoying our varied hunting and shooting activities. New Zealand Police is committed to increasing the safe use and storage of firearms, and reducing the number of preventable deaths and injuries involving firearms.

As a firearms user you can take some simple steps to protect yourself, your loved ones, your mates, and your community.

  • Get to know the Arms Code and ensure you know about the safe use of firearms
  • Ensure your firearms are safely stored to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands

This website provides helpful information on how you can safely use and store firearms. You can also find out about New Zealand firearms licences, laws, endorsements and import permits for residents, visitors, collectors and dealers.

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Find out about New Zealand firearms licences (sometimes called gun licences), endorsements and import permits for residents, visitors, collectors and dealers, and the Arms Code

News and updates

Announcements and updates from the Firearms Office ... More

Firearms OIA responses

Official Information Act responses that may be of interest to the wider firearms community ... More

Arms Code

Effective and active safety instruction is vital for anyone involved with firearms. Learn the Arms Code, particularly the Seven Firearms Safety Rules ... More

Firearms storage

You are required by law to have a safe and secure place to store your firearms. ... More

Prohibited offensive weapons

Offensive weapons you are not allowed to bring into New Zealand. ... More

New Zealand firearms licence

How to apply for or renew a standard New Zealand firearms or gun licence. ... More

Firearms safety programme

Safety is critical when storing, handling or using a firearm. The firearms safety programme will ensure you’re familiar with the Arms Code, particularly the seven basic rules of firearms safety, and provide you with practical training so you know how to safely handle firearms. ... More

Visitor's firearms licence and import permits

As a visitor, you need a visitor's firearms licence to use firearms in New Zealand. You need an import permit to bring firearms into the country with you. ... More

Firearms offices and contact details

Contact the Police National Arms Control Office for enquiries relating to firearms and firearms licences. ... More

Firearms licensing for collectors and dealers

You need a firearms licence and 'C endorsements' to collect firearms or use them in theatrical productions. ... More

Firearms forms and guides

A collection of the most used application forms for licences, endorsements and firearms or offensive weapon import permits. ... More

Mail order guns

From 22 October 2015, NZ Police supply the verification (endorsement) of a mail order sale direct to the seller rather than to the purchaser. ... More

Useful links

A collection of links to resources and organisations related to firearms in New Zealand. ... More

Firearms approved for use in New Zealand

List of approved A, B and E firearms ... More