Kia Kaha (for years 4–6)

Through Kia Kaha students develop strategies for respectful relationships where bullying behaviours are not tolerated.

The New Zealand Police recommends that schools use the learning activities in Kia Kaha within a whole-school approach. Before running learning activities, please read information about implementing a whole-school approach as described in an whole-school approach as described in an implementation booklet (PDF, 1.4MB).

What students will learn

These year 4–6 resources will help students to learn:

  • about the impact of bullying
  • a range of personal skills to prevent bullying
  • what they can do if they have been or are being affected by bullying behaviour.

Four focus areas

The learning activities are arranged in four focus areas.

Focus area 1: You and me

Students learn about the rights and responsibilities that they have as class members, and understand how important it is to respect these. 

Focus area 2: Hurting

Students learn about the impact bullying has on long-term health and attainment of the victim. People who bully may have failed relationships and may end up breaking the law. [Updated 2017]

Focus area 3: Putting a stop to bullying

Students apply develop and practise a range of strategies to stop bullying. The school fosters a ‘telling’ ethos and will do something to stop bullying. The school’s policy on bullying is shared with the class.

Focus area 4: A cool community

Students create a hypothetical bully-free community and apply the understandings they have gained throughout the programme.