I've lost my passport. What should I do?

I've lost my passport. What should I do?

New Zealand Passport

It is important that the loss of your passport is reported to the New Zealand Passport Office, so your passport can be cancelled and border control authorities can be notified.

If you are immediately applying for a replacement passport, then the loss must be reported as part of your application for the replacement passport.

If you do not wish to immediately apply for a replacement passport, you should contact the New Zealand Passport Office on 0800 22 50 50 (+64 4 463 9360 from outside New Zealand) for further advice. If your passport is still valid, you will be required to obtain a Police report. The Passport Office will be able to advise you if this is required.

To obtain a Police report, contact or visit your nearest police station. You may be required to provide your passport number. This can be requested directly from the Passport Office.

Overseas Passport

If it is an overseas passport, you should contact your nearest consulate or embassy office for further advice.