International result for Police

International result for Police

Commissioner Mike Bush

Ngā Mihi. Recently we saw a great result come from overseas as a direct result of work by New Zealand Police staff. This has led to the arrest of the offender in Israel.

As you may remember, in February last year, 33 schools across New Zealand received calls over a two-day period that originated from overseas, with further calls received in December. These calls appeared to be of a concerning nature and staff responded to each school.

While Police attended each school, a team of specialist staff from our National Criminal Investigations Group worked hard behind the scenes to trace the origin of the calls. While the calls were being directed internationally to countries such as Australia, England and the United States, the arrest was a direct result of the work our team did.

These types of events are extremely unsettling for those who are involved, especially when they are directed at our schools. I’m extremely proud of the hard work done by all those involved, and it is great to see such an excellent result from afar.

Preventing harm from synthetics

It was great to see seven people facing charges following an operation in the Avondale area earlier this week targeting the sale and supply of synthetic cannabis.

Many of you may have seen the recent media attention relating to the effects synthetics can have on an individual, and the work of our people to remove this substance from the community is great to see.

The Avondale area has a lot of young people and families, so removing this harmful substance from our streets continues to ensure they are able to live and go about their daily lives feeling and being safe.

Leadership in our communities

Today I’ll be attending the Sergeant Development Course at the college to speak on “Our Business” and how we enable our staff to take leadership roles in their work and communities.

Our leadership was again evident across the country this week with flashing flooding and thunderstorms from the remnants of Cyclone Debbie causing havoc for local communities. Once again, our people have been crucial in the response to these events by providing support and reassurance to those who find themselves in need.

As always, stay safe.

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