Police file on Wairarapa death remains open

Police file on Wairarapa death remains open

National News

The police file into the death nearly three years ago of Wairarapa woman Mrs Maureen Hammond will remain open.

Mrs Hammond, 50, was found dead in her bath at her Willowpark Drive, Masterton, home in September 2000. An intensive police investigation followed and the death was referred to Wellington coroner Gareth Evans who has today found that Mrs Hammond drowned but he was unable to say what caused her to drown.

Inspector Rod Drew, Wairarapa Area Controller, said the coroner’s ruling comes after a very detailed judicial process.

&#34Police kept an open mind throughout the investigation as to how and why Mrs Hammond died,&#34 Mr Drew said. &#34All possible causes were explored but, although we established that she did drown, the events immediately leading to her drowning are still not absolutely clear.

The coroner’s findings confirm the police decision to keep the file open. &#34We can never discount the possibility in any investigation involving an unresolved death that new information will come to light -- some unexplained deaths have been resolved years after the event. This case is no different in that respect.&#34

Inspector Drew said Mrs Hammond’s death was a sad loss for her family and friends, and that she was still mourned by the people who knew and loved her.