Look after your credit cards

Look after your credit cards



Look after your credit cards when out and about, warn Christchurch Police. In particular, don’t leave them lying on a bar even for a moment.

Police at Christchurch Central have received three complaints of theft of Eftpos cards from bars last weekend. These cards have been taken when the owner’s back has been turned for an instant, while handing over a round of drinks to friends.

“Put your card away as soon as it is returned to you,” says Constable Glynis Moore at Reception. “Then pass the drinks around. Several of the complainants only turned their back for a split second but it was enough for someone to pick the card up and be off.”

The offender must have also been watching for PIN numbers as the cards were immediately tried at several ATM machines in the city and at other city bars that night. All up, $3750 cash was taken from the three cards.

Constable MOORE advises to be careful of all your belongings, bags and jackets as well as your credit cards, and use secure cloakrooms which are often available. If you leave a credit card to run a tab, remember to pick it up before someone else does before you get back the next day.

“Don’t leave any credit or EFTPOS card on the counter or bar anywhere. Pick it up immediately and put it in a safe place before you do anything else.”

NB Never give out a PIN number over the phone, the bank will never ask you to do this. If someone phones and asks, it will be a con. Check, your card has probably been stolen.