Vehicle failure too prevalent

Vehicle failure too prevalent

Auckland City

Just over half the 42 vehicles selected for inspection during a combined Police and Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) operation in Auckland last Friday night failed inspection and were deemed non-operational.

The modified vehicle compliance campaign was set up on Quay and Tapora Streets – an area where there has reportedly been a lot of illegal street racing - between 8pm on Friday and 1.45am on Saturday to target modified vehicles and inspect their roadworthiness.

Along with Police strategic traffic unit staff working at the operation, five LTSA compliance officers inspected the vehicles and one LTSA regional education officer was on-site to deal with drivers who were in breach of their licenses.

Auckland City District Police Strategic Traffic Manager, Inspector George Fraser, said he was concerned about the results of the operation.

“Of the 42 vehicles inspected, 22 failed because they had defects like poor brakes, lights, suspension, steering, missing front bumpers and excessive rust,” Mr Fraser said.

“All 22 drivers were issued with non-operational orders for their vehicles and six of them were issued with infringement notices for vehicle defects.

“A further 30 drivers were issued with infringement notices for breaching the conditions of their driver licenses.

“This all suggests to me that there are a number of young people driving around our streets and roads who are ill-equipped to do so, by virtue of their license provisions or the substandard cars they drive, or both.”

Mr Fraser said further operations would be carried out with the LTSA in an effort to educate young people about the dangers of driving some modified vehicles and to reinforce the provisions of driver licenses.

Issued by Noreen Hegarty
Auckland City District Communications Manager
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