Livery goes blue and yellow

Livery goes blue and yellow

National News

15 Dec 2000

The new police vehicle livery is bound to spark lively debate up and down the country but one thing’s for sure - it’s certainly different!

The new design is being launched today by Police Minister George Hawkins at the Plimmerton Weigh Station just north of Wellington.

It features a blue and yellow checked design with the words ’Police’ across the front doors, rear and bonnet, and ’Safer Communities Together’ or ’Highway Patrol’ in red on the rear panels.

First to sport the new livery will be 38 new Highway Patrol cars, which will be on the road before Christmas. It will be phased in across the rest of the marked fleet as vehicles come up for replacement.

Choosing the new livery was a lengthy process. Earlier this year police called for tenders, and received more than 60 responses from design firms around the country. A committee that included four frontline staff did an evaluation, and came up with a shortlist of four for OoC executive members to consider.

A final design was picked then refined to suit police requirements, says National Road Safety Manager Superintendent Steve Fitzgerald.

"The new look was chosen for its high visibility and as a break from the current design that’s been progressively altered over the past 13 years."

Steve says the decals are longer lasting and harder wearing than the old ones. The new design is highly reflective, which will be a plus for staff safety.

"We’ll also be more visible on the roads, and that will help build credibility with the public that we’re serious about road safety."

The design is unique to police, and copyright has been applied for.