Police disrupt gang pad makeover

Police disrupt gang pad makeover

National News

Home improvements were interrupted at the Red Devils gang headquarters this morning when the Armed Offenders Squad arrived to execute a search warrant.

A surprised builder, who was at the house doing renovation work, was removed before Police searched the property. Police simultaneously executed search warrants on the homes of two men believed to be the president and secretary of the Red Devils gang.

Tasman District Commander Superintendent Gary Knowles said the search warrants came as a result of information from the public that the gang and the properties of its members were involved in drug offences and that the bar at its headquarters was back operating.

Superintendent Knowles said police had recovered a number of items of interest and were conducting follow-up enquiries. No arrests have been made yet.

"A large amount of information has been given to the police on an ongoing basis about the activities of the Red Devils since their arrival in Nelson two years ago. The information that bar at the gang house was back in operation was clearly correct.

Superintendent Knowles said Police were committed to monitoring and disrupting the Red Devils in line with the national aim of targeting criminal groups and gangs.

"We know this is a puppet gang for the Hells Angels.

"Our advice is forget about the home improvements - we don't intend to let these criminals get comfortable in Nelson," he said.

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