Waikato Police issue further warnings of dangers from scammers

Waikato Police issue further warnings of dangers from scammers

National News

23 March 2011

A week on from warnings about off-shore based scams that claim to be banks or Government departments who have overcharged clients Waikato Police investigators are warning of another overseas scam, this one involving money laundering.

Detective Sergeant Dave Grace of Waikato Police Fraud said last week's incidents involved offenders requiring victims to wire an administration fee to an account via Western Union with the promise of large refunds following.

"The latest scam has seen a Hamilton woman answering an Internet job offer following an unsolicited email that included an application form for a home based marketing position for a company off-shore.

"The application form required her particulars, including bank account numbers, which she provided and the 'company' contacted her the next day and said the first amount of funds would be wired to her account soon."

Mr Grace said the woman received about $9000 into her account and was emailed instructions on moving these funds to other accounts, also off-shore.

"This is in effect money laundering which involves moving illegitimate funds so they can be distanced from illegal activity and people found to be involved in such activity can face stiff penalties.

"Each case will be reviewed on its own merits however under Section 243 of the Crimes Act, 1961, individuals can face up to seven years imprisonment."

Last week Mr Grace warned people to be wary of unsolicited emails, phone calls and texts promising large windfalls and he said the message this week regarding fantastic money making employment opportunities via the Internet was no different.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and certainly was in this case."