Waikato Police urge caution to ensure Gypsy Day is a smooth mooove

Waikato Police urge caution to ensure Gypsy Day is a smooth mooove


Stock, furniture removal trucks, tractors and trailers, they are all part of the Gypsy day phenomenon as are long queues of traffic on country roads and the need for patience warn Waikato Police.

District Road Policing Manager, Inspector Leo Tooman, said traditionally Gypsy Day is the day when hundreds of dairy farms change ownership and herds of cows move from the cow shed to the road.

"It's not just herds of cows motorists can expect to encounter it's the refuse associated with the move and loads of household goods all needing to get from A-B and sometimes C.

"Currently our road toll sits at 25 deaths compared to 24 for the same period last year and there's been widespread coverage how the Waikato is buck the downward national trend in road carnage."

Mr Tooman said over the weekend the majority of the 38 crashes attended by Police happened on rural roads and two of the last three fatal crashes were also in the country.

"At present its a case of local people being killed on local roads, given the additional pressure on our regional rural roading network we're asking people to people to use that much more caution on they're travels today.

"We're also asking those involved in moving to or from farms to ensure you have plenty of pilot vehicles and guides when moving herds, that you don't overload vehicles and be conscious of other road users."