Rugby World Cup - enjoy a trouble-free party

Rugby World Cup - enjoy a trouble-free party


Whether you are a rugby fan or not the World Cup is a great excuse for a party, but a bit of advanced planning is essential if you don't want trouble to send your guests off for an early shower.

Both Palmerston North Police and Whanganui Police in Central District run party registers. Organisers registering their event with the Police in these areas will be given tips and tactics about how to control the party, such as information about trespass, behaviour offences, noise control and so on. By knowing where parties are being held, Police can also keep a discreet eye on the areas and help nip any issues in the bud before they escalate.

"Parties, whether they are in a licensed premise or a private home, should be remembered for the occasion and the celebration and not because they have attracted disorder, complaints and gate-crashers," said Operations Manager Inspector Dave White. "Every host has a responsibility to put measures in place to look after their guests and minimise the risk of trouble."

Hosting a party
• The Rugby World Cup is a family occasion for all ages but every party must have adult supervision.
• Think about you will advertise a party. There have been many horror stories about parties besieged by gatecrashers due to the invitation circulating via mobile phone texts and social networking sites on the internet.
• Only invite people you know will be sensible and not cause trouble.
• Be a responsible host and provide plenty of snacks or food and non-alcoholic drinks.
• Arrange for friends to stay over or have a means of getting home safely.
• Be a good neighbour and let them know of your party intentions.
• If a party is starting to get out of hand call the police before it escalates.
• Keep an eye on your guests, especially those who are drinking. If someone is being sick or passes out, check on their welfare. If you can't wake someone up call for an ambulance.

Going to a party
• Plan your transport in advance. Make sure there is a sober driver or you have arrangements and money for alternative transport such as buses, taxis or dial-a-driver.
• Avoid walking home alone.
• If the host is happy to let you stay over consider this option.
• If you are not driving still try to have a non-alcoholic drink or a glass or water with every alcoholic one to stop you getting too thirsty or too drunk. Drink plenty of water before going to bed - it will help you feel better in the morning.
• If you are with a group of people look out for one another.

Rugby games in Central District are:
11 September - Ireland v USA - New Plymouth at 6pm
15 September - Russia v USA - New Plymouth at 7.30pm
26 September - Wales v Namibia - New Plymouth at 7.30pm
28 September - Georgia v Romania - Palmerston North at 7.30pm
2 October - Argentina v Georgia - Palmerston North at 1pm

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