Mt Ngauruhoe rescue on Friday

Mt Ngauruhoe rescue on Friday

Bay of Plenty

A 19 year old American woman was rescued off Mt Ngauruhoe on Friday 16 March after becoming trapped by steep terrain off trail on her descent from the summit.

She reached the top of the mountain around 9am on Friday, having found her way there by an unorthodox route from the Mangatepopo Valley. Her descent took her down a similar route but she lost her nerve a third of the way down and called Police for help. Some of her gear tumbled down the mountain ahead of her and she ripped the seat out of her pants while sliding down the scree slope.

Taupo Police dispatched the Youthtown Rescue Helicopter to Ngauruhoe and she was found after a short search. A LandSAR RARO rescuer was put out on rocks adjacent to her and he managed to coax her to a suitable spot where they were hover loaded for the flight to lower ground.

Meanwhile a 60 year old Warkworth man is now home after spending an unscheduled night lost while hunting in the Kaimanawa Ranges earlier last week.

The man and his companion were based at the Tauranga-Taupo Hut for five days and he did not return from day hunt on Monday. He was reported overdue on Tuesday so Police and LandSAR Taupo personnel started a search. He arrived back at his hut about 4.15pm Tuesday just as searchers were being sent in.

When Police spoke to the man yesterday he revealed that his compass was adversely affected by a piece of electronic equipment he was carrying. It had the effect of making his compass point 180 degrees in the wrong direction which led to him going the wrong way. After spending the night camped out and finding another hut he realised the error, so made his way back to the Tauranga-Taupo Hut.

He was none the worse for wear, but a little older and much wiser.


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