Fire Service - Inlet Valve Thefts:

Fire Service - Inlet Valve Thefts:

National News

North Shore Police are seeking information relating to the theft of Fire Service Inlet valves from buildings from around New Zealand, particularly the upper half of the North Island.

Police say a significant number of Inlet valves have been stolen from buildings throughout Metropolitan Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch since February this year.

Fire Inlet valves are generally constructed of brass and are used by the Fire Service to pump water through buildings for fire fighting. A missing Inlet valve at the scene of a fire will put building occupants and fire fighters seriously at risk.

The stolen Inlet valves are suspected to have been sold to scrap metal dealers throughout the North Island for less than their actual value.

Building owners are requested to check their emergency equipment as soon as possible and report any missing Inlet valves to their nearest police station and fire service. Scrap metal dealers are being asked to be similarly vigilant.


North Shore Police have arrested two men who allegedly stole Inlet valves from various locations in the North Island by posing as servicemen. The two men are remanded in custody for a further Court appearance next month. A third suspect is being sought.

Police believe a white coloured Mitsubishi Delica Light Van disguised as a service vehicle has been used. Anyone with information on these Inlet valve thefts or the vehicle is urged to call Police immediately. The public can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.