Thousands fewer offences recorded in Auckland City

Thousands fewer offences recorded in Auckland City

Auckland City

Total crime in Auckland City District is just over 12 percent lower for the calendar year 2012 than it was in the previous year. Put into hard figures, the district recorded 6,698 fewer offences last year than for the same period in 2011.

Reductions in the numbers of burglaries and thefts contributed greatly to the overall drop with the former down by 18.8 percent and the latter down by 10.5 percent on 2011 figures.

District Commander, Superintendent Mike Clement, says the results are heartening, especially when considered in the context of per 10,000 population.

"The number of recorded stolen vehicles, burglaries and thefts from cars is the lowest it's been for 17 years on a per head of population basis, while the number of public place assaults are the second lowest they've been in 17 years when put in the same context.

"These results have not been achieved by accident. The staff have had a relentless priority focus on property crime over the past 12 months and, combined with business as usual deployment, there has also been an ongoing series of proactive operations aimed at prevention.

"The public too have played their part and the consistent prevention messages - keeping valuables out of sight in locked vehicles and early reporting of suspicious behaviour - that we've been delivering through various channels, seem to be getting through.

"Having said that, gains can still be made in relation to general theft and people need to remain vigilant about security of their personal property when out and about with portable valuables like handbags, i-phones, i-pods, cameras and the like."

Mr Clement also acknowledged the invaluable and constant contributions to the results from the likes of the Maori Wardens, Neighbourhood Support, Community Patrols of New Zealand and Police-affiliated Asian and Pacific Patrol Groups.

The district recorded four homicides in 2012 - two of which were murder - down from seven in 2011 and 11 in 2010. The number of sexual assaults in the district went up by 18 from 272 in 2011.

Fraud and related offences fell by nearly five percent to 993 on the 2011 figure which itself was down by 27.5 per cent on the 2010 figure of 1,437. Illicit drug offences also took a dive by more than five per cent to register 1,607 recorded offences.

"The discipline around intelligence-led daily taskings and targeting in relation to priority offenders, victims and locations continues to be developed and has been at the heart of the district's Prevention First implementation, with a sense of urgency around this work being required from all work groups," Mr Clement said.

"In the coming months and years these aspects of Policing Excellence will be further enhanced by the rollout of mobility devices like i-phones and i-pads which will enable greater efficiencies for frontline staff and see them spending more time in the field and less time confined to stations.

"Consequently, I'm looking forward to being able to report further reductions in recorded crime for the current calendar year."

Issued by Noreen Hegarty
Auckland City Police Communications Manager
Ph 09 302 6947 or 0274-951-589