Statement about police bail given to Haiden Mark Davis.

Statement about police bail given to Haiden Mark Davis.

National News

Statement from Rob Pope, Deputy Commissioner, Operations:

Questions have been raised about the decision to grant police bail to Haiden Mark Davis prior to the tragic death of Augustine Borrell.

In June 2007 Davis was given police bail in relation an incident involving the theft of a phone and wallet. Davis was involved with others in this incident.

The decision by the police officer dealing with this case to grant bail to Davis was entirely consistent with the bail guidelines in place at the time and the nature of the offending. The officer applied all appropriate conditions on the bail including residential conditions, a curfew, and an order that Davis was not to associate with the complainant or co-offenders. This decision was subject to review and subsequent approval by the court four days later.

Such judgements are made every day by police throughout the country. While it is deeply regrettable that Davis went on to far more serious offending, the process followed and the judgement made by the officer involved in the earlier case was completely in accordance with bail guidelines.