Help for victims travelling to court

Help for victims travelling to court

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Extra financial help is available to victims attending High Court trials or parole board hearings.

Lesley Slieker, Victim Support, says the schemes began last June.

She says the normal travel assistance to court helps with expenses but may not cover all costs.

“The schemes have been established to help meet the needs of victims and their immediate family. The funds are available to assist with travel, accommodation and childcare costs.

“Some trials can last days, others weeks and often the victim is also left financially worse off because of the experience,” says Lesley.

The Travel Assistance Scheme to attend High Court Trials is available to victims of a crime. This includes any person who has a family or close relationship to the victim. The applicant may also be a witness or first person to the scene of the crime.

The Travel Assistance Scheme to Meet the Parole Board and District Prison Board Hearing is restricted to victims who are on the Victim Notification Register.

Applications by other claimants in exceptional circumstances or support people will be discretionary.

For more details, contact your local Victim Support Manager.