Police plea: Tradies, please label and secure your tools

Police plea: Tradies, please label and secure your tools

Tools stolen from building sites Canterbury

Police are becoming increasingly concerned at the amount of building and construction equipment being stolen in Christchurch.  We base this on the number of reported thefts and burglaries from construction and building sites and the amount of equipment we are recovering. 

We ask that tradespeople secure and label tools, to protect them from theft. These thefts can also impact on the wider public, for example, creating risk for others in the area where the thefts are occurring.  This exposes those residents and property owners potentially to more crime, such as burglary, car theft and even wilful damage.   

Detective Senior Sergeant Neville Jenkins from Christchurch Police says  “In recent times we have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of  tools and equipment that by its very location, we know is most likely stolen, and yet it has no identifier on it. 

The police have offered labelling assistance and try to educate, but we don’t have enough interest in this, so please make this your priority and you can do that here by clicking on this link

Where anyone sees a building site or construction area that is unsecured or where equipment is left out, it should be brought to the attention of the company directly, or phone the police who can assist.”

Police are committed to crime prevention, but just like a home owner takes steps to secure their property, we would like to see construction and building companies take the same responsibilities," he says. 

If you see suspicious behaviour on site during and after hours, call Police on 111 or if you have knowledge of stolen tools, please phone anonymously 0800 555 111, CrimeStoppers.


Master builders President Ivan Stanicich has some advice for tradies:

The Canterbury Master Builders Branch President, Ivan Stanicich, acknowledges that the New Zealand Police continue to help its members stop theft from building sites.
Master Builders has over 400 members in Canterbury so we feel all members, private individuals and subcontractors can do much more to prevent theft of materials and equipment from building sites in our region.
Below are some examples of what can be done to safeguard ourselves and help stop theft from sites.

1. keep safety fencing secured and locked at all times – both for safety and security
2. label any equipment with a UV security pen (police can provide these) – use your company number or consent number as an identifier
3. keep a register of the tools so when recovered, Police can identify it as yours
4. deliver product to site only when needed – this is cash management, time management and site safety practice
5. when the joinery is delivered…install it – don’t leave it visible to prying eyes for days
6. deliver appliances, vanities taps etc only when needed and keep them out of sight locked away from criminal's eyes
7. keep any wheelbarrows, compactors, tools and materials secured on site and ideally, out of sight

All of these examples will save you time, money and the hassle of dealing with your insurers…surely, that’s a good thing!
If you see any unlocked sites call the company in charge, the number will be on the site sign, give them a call as a heads up - I’m sure it will be appreciated.

Ivan Stanicich
Master Build President
Canterbury Branch