Seat belt operation underway in Nelson Bays

Seat belt operation underway in Nelson Bays


Nelson Bays Police are running an operation this month in an effort to get more drivers wearing their seat belts.

Last year 100 people across New Zealand who were killed in fatal crashes were not wearing seat belts.

Nelson Bays Prevention Manager Senior Sergeant Scott Richardson says it is a troubling nationwide trend which defies common sense.

“Wearing your seat belt along with reducing your speed are the two most important factors which determine how serious a crash is.

“It takes just two seconds to make it click so there is no excuse not to.”

Any death or injury on our roads is one too many and everyone needs to do their part to reduce road trauma.

Throughout the month of September Nelson Bays Police will be enforcing seatbelt laws and making sure drivers and passengers are wearing them correctly.

“Wearing your seatbelt under your arm is the same as not wearing it at all,” says Senior Sergeant Scott Richardson.

The penalty for not wearing a seatbelt is $150.


Issued by Police Media Centre