UPDATE: Incident in Templeton

UPDATE: Incident in Templeton


Attributable to Detective Jo Parks:

Police continue to investigate an incident this morning in which an early-morning conflict took place in the area of Trents Road, Templeton.

From our initial inquiries of the situation to this point, we can confirm that there was a fight on the roadside in the vicinity of the Golden Mile Tavern.

It also appears from the initial scene examination that a shot was fired. The incident does not appear related to a residence in the area.

A man did run from the scene and left in a vehicle. He did not appear seriously injured, but the incident is of concern.

We would like to hear from the public in the area of Trents Road this morning who may have noticed a car or cars leaving the area, anyone who saw the fight, or anything that looked out of place.

Importantly, I would like to hear from the victim of this incident to ensure he is okay and in a good place – we have got footage from the event that shows him being assaulted.

We are collecting CCTV footage also. If you have any that might be of use to the police from around this time, I would ask that you please review it and call Christchurch Police on (03) 363 7400.


issued by the Police Media Centre