Update - search for missing boaties off West Coast

Update - search for missing boaties off West Coast


Please attribute to Sergeant Mathew Tailby:

The Police National Dive squad have recovered a body near the wreckage of the Wendy J. 

The body was located yesterday afternoon.

Police have yet to formally identify the body and is still in discussion with the families of the missing men.

A search of other areas of interest around the bay, has failed to locate the second missing man. 

Further searching of the shoreline and tracks by volunteers on the ground, has revealed no further sign either.

The search to date has focused on the shoreline, utilising drift projections produced by the Rescue Coordination Centre, as well as sources of local knowledge.

These areas were expanded to include the remote country nearby and specific seabed areas. 

Sadly Police has reached the point where the search has exhausted these areas without any sign of the missing man.

The Police Dive Squad will attempt to complete their search today, however this is dependant on weather conditions. 


Issued by Police Media Centre