Transfer liability for the offence to someone else’s name

Vehicle owners are liable for offences detected by safe speed cameras, including red light cameras; however if the owner was not the driver or person responsible for the vehicle at the time the owner may transfer liability for the offence to the person who was.

Complete the statutory declaration below and send it to the Police Infringement Bureau, PO Box 9147, Wellington 6141. You must sign the form and it must be witnessed by an authorised person for example a Justice of the Peace, Solicitor, Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the High Court or District Court, an authorised Police officer. The statutory declaration cannot be accepted if it is not witnessed by an authorised person.

The liability for the infringement notice will be transferred to the person named on the statutory declaration and a new infringement notice will be sent to them.

If the statutory declaration is not accepted, you will either have to pay the fee or contact the Police Infringement Bureau before the final due date and tell them if you want to take other action.

Contact the Police Infringement Bureau.

If the infringement notice is already filed with the Ministry of Justice, the matter is in their jurisdiction and enquiries must be directed to them.

Contact the Ministry of Justice.