111 TXT rules (terms and conditions)

Video - 111 TXT rules (terms and conditions)
Learn about the rules before registering for 111 TXT.

111 TXT rules (terms and conditions)

There are some things you need to know and agree to before you join 111 TXT.

You must be deaf, hearing or speech  impaired:

By accepting these rules, you have confirmed you are deaf, hearing or speech impaired.

Network delays:

You need to know that sometimes there are delays on the mobile phone network.

This means texts don’t get through straight away.

If this happens in an emergency and you don’t get a text back from Police in 2 minutes, you should contact 111 a different way.

Text from a phone you have registered on the Police website:

You must text 111 from a phone number you registered on the Police website, otherwise your text won't go through.

If you use a phone belonging to someone who hasn’t registered, the text won’t go through.

Tell Police if you need to update your information:

If you change anything like your name, phone number or address, make sure you come back to www.police.govt.nz/111-txt, 'Change My Registration', and put in the new information.

This is very important because if you have an emergency, Police will have your new information and can help you.

What happens to your information?

When you register, you will need to put your name, address and mobile phone number into the Police website.

Police will keep this in our emergency computer so we can help if you TXT 111.

The Privacy Act 1993 sets rules for what we do with your information. We follow those rules.

Police has a Privacy Policy. This says what happens when you use Police websites.

It’s at the bottom of any page at www.police.govt.nz.