goAML – Financial Intelligence Unit Reporting Tool

goAML Web allows rapid and secure exchange of information between the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), reporting entities and law enforcement and intelligence authorities. The confidentiality of the data collected is ensured.

goAML Web is the prescribed method by which reporting entities submit Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) and Prescribed Transactions Reports (PTRs) to the FIU.

Note: If you are experiencing problems with access to the goAML website, it could be related to the version of the browser you are using. To resolve this issue please try to revert to use either of the following

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goAML Upgrades

Upgrades received from the UNODC will be reviewed by the New Zealand FIU and deployed regularly throughout each year.  Information about the upgrades will be published on this page.  If there are key changes planned, reporting entities will be informed via the goAML message board.

Note, updates are regularly provided by the UNODC to help improve and ensure the system meets the financial reporting requirements of the FIU and reporting entities.

goAML was last upgraded in October 2017. As part of this upgrade a new goAML schema 4.0 (v4.1) was deployed. Email goamlconsult@police.govt.nz if you require a copy of the goAML schema.

Prescribed Transactions Reports (New)

The two new Prescribed Transactions Reports (PTR) are:

  1. Large Cash Transactions (LCTs)
  2. International Funds Transfers (IFTs)

Refer to the Prescribed Transactions Reporting web pages for further information.

For PTR enquiries please email goAMLconsult@police.govt.nz

Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs)

The new goAML schema deployed on 31 October 2017 has an impact on Suspicious Transactions Reporting.  This is because the goAML schema is now the base document for multiple report types which all have different legislative reporting requirements (mandatory fields etc.).

The key change reporting entities may notice is to do with how the mandatory fields are displayed when completing the online forms.

  • Previously (before 1 November 2017) goAML ensured that all mandatory data was entered in the form prior to progressing to the next stage of the report (before it could be submitted).
  • Currently (from 1 November 2017) reporting entities may notice that they are able to progress through the form without entering all mandatory fields.  This is because some of the mandatory fields will now be enforced at the time the report is received by the FIU rather than as the report is entered. 

Further information is included in the STR Submission Process document (PDF 281KB). Also included in this document is a process chart which demonstrates how the process changed.

What data needs to be included in STRs?

The goAML Web Reporting Quick Reference Guide outlines the specific report and data requirements (see links below).

STR supporting documentation

The following documents are available to assist reporting entities to submit STRs.

For enquiries please email goAML@police.govt.nz.

Registering in goAML

How to register with goAML (Business and User Guide)

Download important goAML related documents

The following documents are relevant for reporting entities currently submitting STRs.