Citizens' Satisfaction Survey reports

Citizens' Satisfaction Survey reports

Date Published: 
October 2017

Gravitas, an independent market research company, conducts the Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey on behalf of New Zealand Police.

The Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey covers the following topics:

  • Trust and confidence
  • Perceptions of safety
  • Responsiveness in the community
  • Overall satisfaction with the quality of Police service
  • Measures of the Police’s six ‘Commitment of Service’ statements.

The survey has been run since 2008. The market research company surveys over 9,000 New Zealanders each year.

The survey uses a combination of randomly dialled calls to landlines and calls to people who have called our Communications Centres and Crime Reporting Line (mobiles and landlines). Gravitas also mails out the survey using the national electoral rolls inviting people to complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Gravitas directly on their toll free number 0508 RESEARCH.

Here are the latest Citizens’ Satisfaction Survey results.