105 and Non-Emergency Contact

For emergencies call 111

105 is the number for Police non-emergencies. 111 is the emergency number for Police, Fire and Ambulance.

Police communicator

To help keep New Zealand as safe as possible we’ve introduced a new way to contact Police for non-emergencies: call 105 or go online here.

Until now people either called their local Police station or they called 111 if they wanted to get hold of Police. Quite often people called 111 just because they wanted to talk to someone even if the matter wasn’t urgent. For more information, please refer to our 105 FAQs.

You can call us to report things that have already happened that don’t need urgent Police assistance.

You can use 105.police.govt.nz to report:

  • Theft in a public place
  • Theft from a car
  • Intentional property damage
  • Shoplifting
  • Lost property

Or to get an update on a report already made or add information to an existing report.



If you need to talk to us about something else then you can call 105. The number is available from both mobile and landline phone. It’s a free nationwide service available day and night for New Zealanders and overseas visitors.

Always call 111 in an emergency such as:

  • When a crime is happening now – and the offenders are still there or just left
  • Someone’s in danger or badly injured
  • There’s a serious risk to human life or property
  • You see a major public hazard, like trees blocking a road

Some private, corporate or government agencies have their own private telephone systems and these will require a change to allow the number 105 to be dialled. In this instance please call 0800 105 105.

You can also report anything in person at your local Police station.

What’s the best way or what’s the best number to contact Police on?

Use 105.police.govt.nz for things like:

  • Your bike has been stolen from the park
  • Someone has graffitied your wall
  • You’ve lost your wallet or phone
  • Your handbag was stolen at the library
  • Someone broke your car window
  • If you are a retailer and someone has shoplifted
  • If someone has done a petrol drive off
  • If you want to add information to your existing Police report

Call 105 if:

  • Your car has been stolen
  • You suspect a scam
  • You suspect drug dealing
  • Your shop has been broken into
  • Your house has been burgled (if you think the burglar may still be in your home, do not go inside - contact Police immediately by calling 111)

Call 0800 105 105

  • If you can’t get through on your landline or mobile to 105 for any reason.

Call 111 if

  • There is a fire of any sort
  • You need an ambulance because someone is seriously hurt
  • Someone is breaking into your house right now
  • There is car accident where people might be hurt, or cars are blocking the road
  • Someone has been assaulted and the offender is still there
  • You are afraid for your safety and or for those around you
  • You need an emergency Police response

Call *555 (mobile phone only)

  • For urgent but not life-threatening traffic matters that don't need an emergency Police response
  • Continuous poor driving
  • Traffic congestion, breakdowns and obstructions on the highway

*555 is not intended to take the place of the 111 emergency number. Always call 111 in an emergency. *555 calls are answered with less priority than 111 calls.


105 Non-Emergency FAQs

Why is Police introducing a non-emergency number?

NZ Police is modernising the way it delivers services to the public so that everyone in New Zealand can access policing services – anywhere, anytime. To do this we need to deliver the right service to the public in the right way, enabled by modern technologies. NZ Police is introducing a new, easy-to-remember number – 105 – for reporting non-emergencies. 111 remains the number to call to report an emergency to Police, Fire and Emergency, or ambulance services. The 105 non-emergency number is for reporting situations to Police that don’t require immediate police attendance.


What sorts of situations is 105 for?

You can use 105 to report non-emergency situations, such as when your car has been stolen, your property has been damaged, or you want to give police information about crime in your area. The key message is that if it’s happening now or just happened and there’s a threat to life or property, call 111; if it’s already happened and there’s no immediate danger, call 105.


What does Police expect will happen to emergency and non-emergency call volumes and response times?

The 105 non-emergency number has been developed to enable Police to provide a better service to the New Zealand public. With the introduction of the 105 non-emergency number, Police expects a reduction in non-emergency calls to the 111 emergency line. Based on international research, we expect there’ll be some increase in demand for non-emergency matters after the non-emergency number is launched.


Who will answer the 105 call?

105 is a national non-emergency number that will be answered 24/7 by Police. The call taker will work to resolve the matter, which might include putting the caller through to their local station. Both 111 for emergencies and 105 for non-emergencies are staffed with highly trained people who can help callers with their specific issues.


What other ways can people report non-emergency situations to Police?

You can also go online (using 105.police.govt.nz ) to report certain types of non-emergencies. These currently include: lost property, intentional property damage, shoplifting, general theft, and theft from a vehicle. Police encourages people reporting these types of events to go online in the first instance. You can also go online (www.police.govt.nz) for general advice and queries.


Is there a text based 105 service available?

No, a text based service is currently not available. Please call 105 to talk to Police for non-emergency matters.


Will I be able to call 105 from messaging apps such as ‘Skype’ or ‘WhatsApp’?

No, computer and mobile apps are typically internationally managed and operated. It is unlikely you will be able to contact 105 from apps to talk to Police for non-emergency matters.


Will I be able to call 105 from an internet or overseas-based phone system?

No, internet-based or international-based phone systems will not dial out to 105. Depending on which country and phone system you are calling from, you will be able to call +64 9105 105 for non-emergency matters, however you may incur international toll charges.


Having trouble calling 105?

If you are having trouble connecting to 105 when you call, you may be having issues with your device or phone line. Check in with your phone service provider in the first instance, but feel free to go to 105.police.govt.nz or call 0800 105 105 in the meantime.


How do I report Theft, Burglary or Robbery?

In general terms, if something is stolen it’s a theft. Thefts are classified depending on where the item was stolen from and how it was stolen.


Theft(s) that can be reported online at 105.police.govt.nz are:

  • Shoplifting (theft from shop or petrol drive off). When something is stolen from a shop during opening hours and in a public place. (Note: If the shop is closed, or the item was stolen from a restricted area (e.g. staff only) this is a burglary and should be reported to your local Police station or call us on 105)
  • Theft from a vehicle (when the vehicle is parked in a public place such as a public car park or street)
  • General theft (theft from a public place or private property by someone invited to the property)

Further classifications are explained in general terms below. Please note these are not the legal definitions but provided to help you make decisions about what and how to report.


A burglary is when someone enters a building or fenced (enclosed) yard/section without the owner’s permission to commit a crime, most commonly to steal something.

If someone has broken into your house or fenced (enclosed) yard/section and stolen something, this is a burglary and should be reported to your local Police station or call us on 105.

If someone has broken into your car while it has been parked in your driveway/section and stolen something, this is a burglary and should be reported to your local Police station or call us on 105.

Important: If you think the burglar may still be in your home, do not go inside – contact Police immediately by calling 111.


A robbery is when someone steals something from you using force or by threatening you - if it’s just happened call 111 immediately - otherwise call us on 105.

For emergencies call 111


Where can I find 105 resources?

The 105 resources page contains a number of posters and flyers. This includes easy to understand school collateral to help teachers communicate the new number. Our School Community Officers will also have this material on hand.

Businesses and organisations who welcome international visitors should find our flyer to help communicate the new 105 number translated into the top ten visitor languages helpful.

The flyers and posters are available to download in:

  • English
  • Māori
  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Samoan
  • Tongan


How do I become a 105 Police Communicator?

If you are interested in becoming a 105 Police Communicator, you can find out more information and apply here.