How we’re tracking

How we’re tracking

Bringing our data together

Police is committed to being accessible and available. This includes being transparent and providing as much information as possible, in the most accessible way possible.

How we’re tracking brings together some user-friendly graphics that provide an overview of key Police performance data from the New Zealand Police Annual Report.

We are currently updating our content.

A more detailed breakdown of our Police crime data is available on

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Our Targets

We have set ourselves targets in the five areas that are causing the greatest ongoing harm. Targeting these areas will have the biggest impact towards reducing harm and making New Zealand the safest country:

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5% reduction in road deaths each and every year

Working alongside our road safety partners at all levels, we will maintain our focus on the behaviours we know cause the most harm to people on our roads.

Want to dig deeper? Go to to access Police crime data through a number of interactive reports that are updated monthly.