Information for Suppliers

The New Zealand Police relies on its suppliers to provide goods and services to keep New Zealand Police operating.

Opportunities to tender

Police uses the Government Electronic Tenders Service when advertising procurement opportunities (tenders) and post-award notifications.

Visit the Government Electronic Tenders Service website.

Please review the following points to understand how the processes operate and who the Finance contacts are.

Purchase Orders

We strongly encourage that the supplier receives a purchase order number for all goods and services requested thus ensuring that the supplier’s invoice can be paid on time.
Our purchase orders are sent via email, and it details the purchasing transaction being entered into.

If you have any questions about how we use purchase orders, please email our Purchasing team.

If you have an Accounts Payable query- please send these to Accounts Processing


A clear and accurate supplier invoice will avoid processing delays. Combined with a clearly displayed purchase order number ensures that the invoice can be paid on time.
All invoices are required to be sent Accounts Processing. Sending the invoice anywhere else will unnecessarily delay payment.

Emailed invoices using a pdf of the invoice are preferred, send to Accounts Processing.

or, if posting - then to the following postal address:

NZ Police
Accounts Processing
PO Box 2797
Wellington 6140


The Police Shared Services team is responsible for managing purchases and the subsequent supplier invoice processing.
If you have any questions about how we use purchase orders or the purchasing process, please email our purchasing team on: 

Phone: 04 238 3493
Email: Shared Service Team

If you have an accounts payable query- please phone or email the team between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Phone: 04 238 6710
Email: Accounts Processing