Programmes and initiatives

Find out about international, national and local programmes and initiatives.

Prevention First

Prevention First is the operating strategy that places prevention at the forefront of the organisation and people at its centre. It focuses on targeted policing to reduce offending and victimisation. … More

Electronic Monitoring on Bail (EM Bail)

Find out about the changes to the Electronic Monitoring on Bail (EM Bail) scheme which has transitioned to the Department of Corrections..… More

The Police Adult Diversion Scheme

Find out about the Adult Diversion Scheme, how eligible offenders are dealt with ‘out of court’ and encouraged to rehabilitate and take responsibility for their actions.… More

Neighbourhood Policing Teams

Neighbourhood Policing Teams work with communities in specified areas to prevent crime, crashes and victimisation. They aim to make their communities safer. … More

Cost Recovery

Cost recovery looks at how some costs for Police services, currently free to the customer or heavily subsidised, may be recovered. … More

Fostering and adopting police dogs

You may be able to foster a police puppy or dog to provide a temporary home, or on a long term basis (for breeding females, mostly in the Wellington region)… More

Integrated Safety Response (ISR)

ISR is a multi-agency intervention designed to ensure the immediate safety of victims and children, and to work with perpetrators to prevent further violence. ISR takes a whole-of-family and whānau … More

Child Sex Offender (CSO) Register

The Child Sex Offender Register is a tool to help with the protection of children and the prevention of re-offending by known child sex offenders.More

Woolf Fisher Police Fellowship Programme

2023 Fellows pictured: (back row from left), Constable Taiaiti (Piho) Tuaiti, Nicola Johns, Sergeant Wayne Paxton, Cameron Bayly, Detective Senior Sergeant Megan Goldie, Sergeant Caroline Johns, Natal… More

Transforming Police Service Delivery

Modernising our Service Delivery aims to ensure everyone in New Zealand can access policing services – anywhere, anytime – that will lead to the trust and confidence of all. … More

International Anti-Corruption Coordination Centre

IACCC background The IACCC was established in July 2017 and aims to provide coordinated support for law enforcement agencies investigating Grand Corruption offences such as bribery of public offici… More

Evidence-Based Policing (EBP)

Find out about the Evidence-Based Policing Centre (EBPC), current projects and partnerships, and information for researchers wishing to submit research proposals or request NZ Police data.… More

Gender pay gap action plan

Police is committed to paying its employees fairly, regardless of gender or ethnicity. We have undertaken a number of activities to reduce pay gaps, including the development of a Gender Pay Gap Action Plan. … More

Police use of emergent technologies

Technology is rapidly evolving and emergent technologies have an important part to play in modern policing. Police staff increasingly use new technology in day-to-day work, such as CCTV and Automatic… More

Understanding Policing Delivery

When public confidence and trust in the Police is high, it enables us to be effective.  Members of the public are more likely to come forward with quality intelligence, more likely to report crim… More

Police contact survey – How did we do?

Police is seeking feedback from members of the public who have recently contacted us for a non-emergency reason. People who phone their local police station, call 105 or other non-emergency line, or m… More

Te Oranga Tamariki Action Plan Collaboration

Police work collaboratively with Iwi and communities as well as government agencies to make positive and lasting differences for tamariki, rangatahi, and their whānau. Part of this involves co-partnership in the first Oranga Tamariki Action Plan. … More


In te reo Māori, awhi means to care for, embrace and cherish – to help or support others. … More

Consultation: Arms Regulations Review of Fees 2022 - Closed

Consultation has closed for fees cost recovery New Zealand Police invited submissions on proposed fee changes for arms regulatory services. The proposed fees and timing are yet to be decided by Cabi… More