Telling the real life stories of policing in Aotearoa, the New Zealand Police Museum uses original evidence, police objects and technology to tell the very personal stories behind the events, disasters and crimes that have galvanised our nation. Displays include stories of policing excellence, weapons used by criminals, evidence from murder investigations, stories of outstanding feats of detection and forensic science, police tools and artefacts, and major historical and social events like the 1981 Springbok Tour and the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. The Museum strives to provide a positive forum for interaction with New Zealand Police and their vision of 'Safer Communities Together'.

Online Exhibitions

Unable to visit the Museum? Experience our online exhibitions. Discover the history of 19th Century mug shots and explore a selection of extraordinary museum collection objects.

He Toa Taumata Rau: the place of many brave deeds

The officers, civilians and dog featured in these pages are those who have received the highest bravery awards between 1951 and 2019 in New Zealand. ... more

He Toa Taumata Rau: the place of many brave deeds

Ko ngā pirihimana, ngā kirirarau me ngā kurī e kōrerotia ana kei ēnei whārangi te hunga kua whakawhiwhia ki ngā tohu tiketike hautoa i waenga i te 1951 ki te 2019 i Aotearoa. Ā, ka haere ake te wā ka āpitihia ētahi atu kaiwhakawhiwhi tohu hautoa ki ēnei whārangi. ... more

Curator's Casefile

Curator's Casefile is a series of 10 stories about objects in our collection, covering policing history, escaped convicts, unsolved murders, sly-grogging and anarchists. ... more

Alfred Langely

Suspicious Looking: 19th century mug shots from the New Zealand Police Museum

Mug shots are photographic portraits of arrested suspects and convicted criminals. Since the mid-19th century, they have been used to help form a record of identification for police. ... more

Curators Choice: Black Friday series

The staff of the New Zealand Police Museum tell the stories behind some of the Museum's extraordinary collection objects. ... more

Police during WWI

Policing the First World War: slygrogging, sex and sedition

Researched and written seven essays that explain the role of New Zealand Police during WWI. ... more

He matapihi o nehe rā: A window into the past

Policing Aotearoa New Zealand in the 19th century ... more