111 Police Emergency

For emergencies call 111


Call 111 and ask for Police when:

  • people are injured or in danger; or
  • there is a serious, immediate, or imminent risk to life or property; or
  • a crime is being or has just been committed and the offenders are still at the scene or have just left.

If you can’t decide if it’s a real emergency and you’re still worried, call 111 and ask the operator. They will help you work out what to do.

Reporting options for non-emergency situations are available via the Police Non-Emergency service.

Alternative Police contacts for non-emergency situations can be accessed on the Police website.

The 111 service in New Zealand is run by Spark and regulated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. More information about the 111 Service can be accessed on the New Zealand Government and Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment websites.