Businesses and organisations


Find out how Police vetting works and how organisations can use this service (sometimes called a police check or clearance). Vetting helps organisations protect vulnerable people in their care. … More

Protect your business

There are many ways you can prevent crime affecting your business by using simple, effective crime prevention techniques. … More

Secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers

If you are in business as a secondhand dealer or pawnbroker you must hold a licence or certificate and fulfil certain requirements. There are also obligations for scrap metal dealers, Internet auction… More

Suspicious mail and bomb threats

Learn how to recognise and handle suspicious letters or packages and get a bomb threat checklist.… More

Telecommunications (Interception Capability & Security) Act 2013

Under the Telecommunications (Interception Capability & Security) Act 2013, Police have responsibility for maintaining a register of network operators. … More