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Sexual assault and consent

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Find out what constitutes a sexual assault and what constitutes consent

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Sexual assault

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Understanding Sexual assault and consent

Here you will find what constitutes a sexual assault and what constitutes consent ... more

Effects of sexual assault

Here you will find what some of the short and long term effects of sexual assaults on victims ... more

What can I do if I have been sexually assaulted?

Here you can find out about your options ... more

Myths and facts

What’s true and what’s a myth when it comes to sexual assaults ... more

Victim's Rights

Here you can learn about your rights as per the Victims’ Rights Act 2002 ... more

Useful links

Here you will find links to support sites, your nearest police station and other resources. ... more


Opportunity to complete a short survey to provide feedback to the Police in regards to your treatment as a victim of sexual assault ... more

Safety advice

Find tips for helping keep yourself safe ... more

Video resources

A compilation of educational videos to complement the Adult Sexual Assault section. ... more