NZ Police app

The NZ Police app makes it easier for you to access our services, information and news.



Keep informed


Access online services


Find information and advice



Keep up to date with Police news, nationally and in your district

Receive real-time emergency alerts for traffic and major national events

See media releases, Ten One articles and other news content from Police

Subscribe to push notifications for news, alerts and important safety advice


Easily use the 105 online form to report any non-emergency situation to Police

Get updates/add to an existing 105 report

Pay an infringement fee or ticket

Check to see if a vehicle is listed as stolen

Quickly call 105 for non-emergencies or 111 for emergencies


Access key information about Police services in New Zealand

Get answers to some frequently asked questions

Explore key Police data and insights, and find out how Police is tracking against its targets

Learn about careers with NZ Police



We’re committed to being accessible and available.

That means providing a stronger presence in the community, as well as ensuring our services and information are available to you, anywhere, any time. The NZ Police app is an important step on that journey, allowing us to share our news and alerts further and extend access to our online services.

Search ‘NZ Police’ in your app store or click the buttons above to download the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions of use for the NZ Police app?

NZ Police’s website Terms and Conditions (including privacy provisions) also apply to the information contained on the NZ Police app. Users may be prompted by “NZ Police” to add or download photos/images relating to news articles to their photo library (or other relevant folder). Users can choose to do this or not.

For full Terms and Conditions of use go to


Is the NZ Police app free?

Absolutely! The NZ Police app is and always will be available for free. Desktop, mobile, browser or app, we want our information and services to be available when and how you want it.


How can I customise notifications via the NZ Police app?

Once you download the app, it’s easy to receive notifications from Police. Make sure you give the app permission to send notifications first, then you can customise what you get alerts about by clicking the bell symbol within the app.

You can opt in to receive notifications of news (media releases) and alerts (such as traffic issues and significant weather events) at a national and district level directly to your mobile device. You can also still subscribe to receive email notifications via the Police website.


What devices is the NZ Police app available on?

The iOS (Apple) version of the App will be compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 and above. The Android version of the app is compatible with Android devices running at least Android 4 with support library.


Will more features be added?

Digital technologies present many opportunities to provide new and improved ways to access and receive policing services. The NZ Police app has a lot of potential, and we envisage it evolving with our services as a key way for the public to learn about and get in touch with Police. We’ll be adding more to it over time based on feedback and other user insights so we know we’re delivering an experience that is engaging and informative


How can I give feedback on the NZ Police app?

Head to your app store and leave a review, or provide feedback via this online form. We’ll be looking at feedback and making regular updates to ensure the user experience is constantly improved.


Can I report non-emergencies and crimes to Police via the app?

Yes, you can make a 105 online report directly from the NZ Police app, including uploading attachments and photos, and checking in or adding to your existing reports. There are also links to call other essential Police services, such as 111, Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) and *555. You can also find safety and prevention information, and get other things done, such as pay an infringement fee or check the latest traffic alerts.


How do I download the NZ Police app?

You can download the NZ Police app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


What are the main features of the NZ Police app?

The app provides the public with a new way to access and receive information and advice from Police – anywhere, any time. It also gives us a new way to let people know about important things happening at Police, nationally and within the districts, as they happen.

The NZ Police app features the latest news and updates from Police, local traffic and crime alerts, and other safety information and advice in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly format. On top of this, you can report non-emergencies via the 105 online form and access other key Police services within the app.