Check if a vehicle is stolen

Use this tool to see if a vehicle is listed as stolen in our database.

Limitations of the data

Stolen vehicle information listed here is a snapshot of data taken from the Police vehicle of interest database. Police are unable to guarantee the accuracy of this information. For example, there can be a delay in stolen vehicles appearing and in recovered vehicles being cleared from the list. Some vehicles listed as stolen may have been located but Police haven’t been advised.

Stolen vehicle information from these lists should not be relied upon exclusively when assessing whether or not a vehicle might have been stolen. Suggestions for steps prospective purchasers could take to check whether a vehicle is stolen are available from organisations such as Consumer Affairs and Neighbourhood Support.

This data does not include lost or stolen registration plates.

What if you know the location of a stolen vehicle?

If you know the location of a stolen vehicle, always think about your own safety and the safety of others.

Do NOT pursue a vehicle you believe may be stolen.

If the vehicle is being driven or you believe the driver or the vehicle occupants are still nearby, then please call 111 and ask for Police.

Abandoned vehicles

If the vehicle appears to be abandoned then please advise Police of its location by calling 105.

To make a police report:

If you want to provide information anonymously about this vehicle contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Download List

Note, the download is a zip file of data in CSV (comma separated values) format suitable for a spreadsheet application. If your device is a phone or tablet that does not handle .zip files, it may not be able to download this data.


Persons reporting stolen vehicles

Note that when you report a vehicle as stolen to Police its details will be published on this and on other publicly available registers.

To make a police report: