State of National Emergency important notice

State of National Emergency


Police service update

Recent arrivals to New Zealand will receive a text message from Police to check they are complying will all self-isolation requirements.

Police is assisting the Medical Officer of Health to ensure all those who have arrived since 1am on Monday 16 March are self-isolating as instructed.

The text message will come from 4511.

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Adult Diversion Scheme policy and factsheet

Adult Diversion Scheme policy and factsheet

Date Published: 
December 2019

The Police Adult Diversion Scheme (diversion) is a scheme that provides an opportunity for Police to deal with some offences and/or offenders without going through formal court prosecution.

The purposes of diversion are to:

  • address offending behaviour that has resulted in charges
  • balance the needs of victims, the offender and their communities
  • give offenders an opportunity to avoid conviction
  • reduce re-offending.

Diversion is a lawful way to exercise prosecutorial discretion instead of full prosecution through the court system. It is an alternative means of processing some offences and/or offenders through the courts. The Police Prosecution Service (PPS) is responsible for diversion.

The aim of this diversion policy is to achieve nationwide consistency in availability and approach as well as improved service delivery to Maori and partnerships with Māori communities and service providers.

Diversion enables eligible offenders to complete diversion activities within a given timeframe to avoid both a full prosecution and the possibility of receiving a conviction. This means that judicial time is able to be reserved for more serious offences and offenders.