Consultation on regulations to enable firearms law changes

Consultation on regulations to enable firearms law changes

Date Published: 
March 2021

Further changes to the Arms Act 1983 (contained in the Arms Legislation Act 2020) will come into force on 24 June 2021 and new regulations are required to support these.

Police is now inviting submissions on some policy proposals for potential inclusion in the regulations to support the implementation of amendments, and to adjust or clarify some existing regulations.

Your feedback will help us assess whether, and if so how, we may need to amend the proposals to meet the objectives of the legislation.

We encourage you to give your views on the questions set out at the end of the consultation document and provide any further comments you have about the matters raised. You do not have to answer all the questions, and if you wish to raise other issues not covered in this paper, please take the opportunity to do so.

How to submit

The closing date for submissions is 25 April 2021. A submission form accompanies the consultation document. You do not have to use this form to make a submission; however, doing so will facilitate the most effective and efficient process. Please include your name, contact details, and organisation (if applicable) in your submission.

You can submit by:

  • Completing the online submission form below and emailing your submission to
  • Or you can mail your submission to:
    Firearms Policy and Partnerships
    13th floor Police National Headquarters
    PO Box 3017

If you do choose to post your submission, please ensure this is posted in advance of the closing date.


Your feedback may be made publicly available by Police on its website, or to members of the public who request copies of submissions. Please indicate clearly if your identity or comments are provided in confidence or if there is some other reason they should not be disclosed.

Any request for non-disclosure will be considered in terms of the Official Information Act 1982. Your feedback may be edited for publication to anonymise it or remove sensitive information.

Consideration of submissions

Police will analyse and consider all submissions received and report back to the Government with recommendations on changes to the Arms Regulations. This report will then be considered by the Minister.