Firearms Official Information Act proactive public releases (June 2019)

Firearms Official Information Act proactive public releases (June 2019)

Date Published: 
June 2019

In keeping with the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018, and as Administrator of the Arms Act 1983, Police is releasing its responses to some recent Official Information Act requests, where it is considered they contain data and information that has wider public interest.

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Date of request

Information requested

IR-01-19-5909 (PDF 690KB)

28 Feb 2019

  • How many incidents since January 1, 2018 were firearms presented at police officers? Can I also have this divided by police district.
  • Did any of the incidents involved licensed firearm owners? If so, how many?
  • How many were imitation firearms?
  • How many times were police actively fired upon?
  • How many police officers were injured in these incidents?
  • How many members of the public were injured in these incidents?
  • How many prosecutions resulted from these incidents?

    I also request all correspondence with and reports prepared regarding a national project that's being done on to gather more specific data on the number and types of incidents where firearms are presented at officers.

IR-01-19-7586 (PDF 592KB)

17 Mar 2019

  • I'm working on a big feature for tomorrow's papers and online, and I've come across what looks to be an excellently laid out resource from police, on the parliament website, regarding the problem of illegal firearms in particular.
  • This document is likely a little out of date now though - the latest figures on it, going up to 2016. I was just hoping to check whether it was possible to get an update on some or all of these figures.
  • And on the number of legal firearms within NZ, I'm working to the widely-reported topline figures of about 250,000 firearms licenses issued, approx 1.5m guns thought to be in NZ. Is there anything else police might like to add to that picture of legal firearms?
  • Is it possible to know how many people roughly own Category A rifles, legally, which fall into the semi-automatic class? (Or is that we don't know, half the problem?)

IR-01-19-7936 (PDF 349KB)

18 Mar 2019

  • Are you able to tell me how many semi-automatic weapons have been given to the police since the shooting on Friday?
  • Could you break that down into how many each day?
  • In addition to how many have been handed in, are you able to tell me how many people have handed semi-automatic weapons in?
  • Also, how of any sort of guns in, including semi-automatics, have been handed in since Friday?

IR-01-19-7855 (PDF 349KB)

18 Mar 2019

  • The number of people who have applied for a E endorsement on their firearms licence, and how many people have surrendered firearms (including how many of these were MSSAs) since Friday's terror attacks in Christchurch

IR-01-19-7923 (PDF 752KB)

18 Mar 2019

  1. Can you please give me a breakdown on the number of people currently holding a gun license (known as ‘A license’?) and how many hold each endorsement on top of their license (B, C, E, D and F)?
  2. Also, can you please tell me in the last calendar year, how many people applied for a gun license, how many were declined, and how many gun license holders were declined a B, C, E, D or F endorsement?
  3. Can you please explain the role doctors/medical professionals may play in vetting firearms license/firearms endorsement applicants?
    On the firearms license application form under ‘What happens next’, it says, “Police will carry out an initial background check relevant to whether you are a fit and proper person to possess firearms or airguns,” and, “Police contact you to arrange an interview (during which we will also inspect your firearms security arrangements) after you complete the firearms practical training. We also interview your referees and complete any remaining enquiries,” and, “Police make a decision to approve or refuse your firearms licence application and issue your firearms card.”
  4. During any of these steps, is the applicant, and the applicant’s referees, directly asked if the applicant has any criminal, psychiatric or drug issues?
  5. What happens if there is a disparity between the applicant and referee answers?
  6. Who in the police makes the final decision on whether a firearms license is granted/declined, does the applicant have right of appeal?


IR-01-19-7926 (PDF 371KB)

18 Mar 2019

  1. A list of current New Zealand firearms licences, identified by the following information:
    • Type of licence (eg. dealer licence, visitor's licence)
    • Gender of licence holder
    • Age of licence holder
    • Endorsements on the licence
  2. The total number of firearms licence holders and the total number of firearms licences with each endorsement type per region in New Zealand.

    Please release all of this information in spreadsheet format, preferably CSV or XSLX.