Firearms Official Information Act proactive public releases (May 2022)

Firearms Official Information Act proactive public releases (May 2022)

Date Published: 
May 2022

In keeping with the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018, and as Administrator of the Arms Act 1983, Police is releasing its responses to some recent Official Information Act requests, where it is considered they contain data and information that has wider public interest.

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Date of request

Information requested

IR-01-22-11908 (PDF 360KB)

26 April 2022

Of these 4,212 firearms-related occurrences in the 2021 calendar year, it was interesting that 496 (11.8%) were also family harm. We would like to put this 11.8% figure into the context of the last few years. Is it possible to get the 2019 and 2020 figures of family harm incidents that were also firearms-related occurrences?

IR-01-22-10523 (PDF 368KB)

12 April 2022

The police website states immigration is not a valid reason to obtain a visitor firearms license. How is a new migrate able to travel to New Zealand with Firearm's and legally possess them whilst their application for a full license is processed?

What is police policy about New Zealand firearms license holders who temporarily reside overseas bringing firearms back to New Zealand when they return?

What is the process for a New Zealand firearms license holder currently overseas to obtain an import permit in order to bring firearms back to New Zealand on their return?

What is the process for New Zealand FA license holders who residing overseas temporarily to bring with them B category firearms on there return to New Zealand where their current New Zealand license is only A cat but they are legally possessing a B cat firearm in the overseas jurisdiction? Can they bring the B cat firearm back with them and have the police or another New Zealand B cat holder take possession of firearm until they obtain the correct endorsement?