Firearms Official Information Act proactive public releases (October 2023)

Firearms Official Information Act proactive public releases (October 2023)

Date Published: 
October 2023

In keeping with the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2016-2018, and as Administrator of the Arms Act 1983, Police is releasing its responses to some recent Official Information Act requests, where it is considered they contain data and information that has wider public interest.

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Date of request

Information requested

IR-01-23-8120 (PDF 398 KB) 15 March 2023

In the Manawatū region over the past 28 days, how many firearm incidents have been reported to Police? How many firearms have been recovered by Police? How many arrests in relation to firearms incidents have been made?

What prevention work is carried out by Police in regards to firearms? Have there been any injuries in any firearm incident over the past 28 days, to any of the parties involved? And what were the nature of those injuries?

IR-01-23-12493 (PDF 380 KB) 25 April 2023

I am seeking all information about calls to the police regarding airsoft (restricted airguns) cases for the current year 2023 and for 2022.

For example
1) Cases or records of restricted airguns being confiscated.
2) Cases or records of police getting calls regarding

a) restricted airguns not secured in hotels, motels or other businesses.
b) restricted airguns being used in an inappropriate way.