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Firearms Prohibition Orders public consultation

Firearms Prohibition Orders public consultation

Date Published: 
November 2019

The New Zealand Government wants to prevent high-risk people from having access to firearms. The purpose of restricting access is to protect the public from the harm that can be caused by the misuse of firearms.

To help achieve this, the Government is looking into the possibility of establishing a Firearms Prohibition Order regime.

Firearms Prohibition Orders would prohibit high-risk people from using, accessing, or being around firearms. Breaching the conditions of a Firearms Prohibition Order would be a criminal offence.

However, before making a decision, the Government wants to seek the public’s views on whether or not a regime should be established in New Zealand, and if so, what it could look like.

Your feedback will help shape proposals for the Government to consider, including whether or not a Firearms Prohibition Order regime should be introduced.

To have your say, please read the consultation document below and then complete the online form, or email a completed Word version of the consultation submission form (see link below) to:

Complete your online submission


NOTE: Consultation submissions are official information

Your submission will only be used by Police for the purpose of consideration of a potential Firearms Prohibition Order Regime.

Please note your submission will become official information. This means Police may be required to release all or part of the information contained in your submission in response to a request under the Official Information Act 1982.

Police may, however, withhold all or parts of your submission if it is necessary to protect your privacy or if it has been supplied subject to an obligation of confidence. Please tell us if you do not want all or specific parts of your submission released, and the reasons why. There is a free text box to do so in the online form and also the Word form to enable you to do so.

Your views will be taken into account in deciding whether to withhold or release any information requested under the Official Information Act, and in deciding if, and how, to refer to your submission in any possible subsequent paper prepared by the Police.

Next steps

Consultation will close at 5pm Monday 13 January 2020. Following a review of the submissions, advice will be provided to the Minister of Police.


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